Incredible Insects! Workshop


Incredible Insects! Workshop


August 7 - 11


Incredible Insects! Workshop

(1st - 5th grades)

Did you know that there are over 950,000 different species of insects? Have you ever wanted to feed a tarantula? Have you ever wondered how bugs help us and how they can hurt us?

Come discover the amazing and varied world of bugs as we fly into the study of arthropods, metamorphosis, pollinators, and more! We will also do a focused study on the insects of Pokémon, relating the imaginary creatures in the game to their real-life scientific counterparts. Learn the true powers that these incredible creatures use every day to survive in our world!

Session dates
August 7 - 11 (Monday - Friday)

$225 (5 days, afternoons only)*

* free care for the 1-hr lunch break if also enrolled in Robotics & Legos in the morning