Robotics & Legos


Robotics & Legos


August 7 - 11
(9:30am - 12:00pm)


Robotics and Legos

(1st - 5th grades)

Are all of the surfaces of your house covered in amazing Lego creations? Does your child enjoy constructing bridges, building spaceships, and planning entire cities? Do you often hear about new characters and plot twists to alter and enhance your kid’s favorite video game?

This wonderful workshop will support young engineers, architects, and game designers. Through hands-on explorations of how structures are dreamed of and designed, as well as projects that explain the basic concepts of programming, your child’s passions will be explored and advanced. Each participant will test-out their own engineering ideas, and create their own computer game. Problem solving and team work will be emphasized as new sustainable cities come to life, and new imaginary creatures dance across the screen!

Session dates
August 7 - 11 (Monday - Friday)
  9:30am - 12:00pm

$225 (5 days, mornings only)*

* free care for the 1-hr lunch break if also enrolled in Incredible Insects! for the afternoon